Platform Operations

A dedicated team of engineers, built upon resilience engineering principles

Flanksource operations are a little different to traditional vendor support.

Flanksource operations have a singular focus: increasing and maintaining adaptive capacity within the platform, and more importantly within the team.

As resilience engineering practitioners we subscribe to the principle, that the ability to adapt to change in complex systems is paramount. While we try and build robust and reliable systems that are designed to withstand known failure modes - we accept that it is the unknowns that ultimately bring down most systems.

To learn more about resilience engineering see:

More than Email and Phone Support

We don’t provide email or phone support. The traditional model of support where a ticket is opened and assigned to a random on-call engineer is deeply flawed. A random engineer cannot reconstruct a picture of a complex system - both as designed and in its current state in a short amount of time. This leads to long backwards and forwards conversations requesting logs, screen-sharing and often resorting to trial and error to resolve an issue.

Partnership not Support

Flanksource can act as a dedicated, standalone platform operations team - However our preferred approach is to fully integrate into your existing teams. When integrated into your team Flanksource engineers feel your pain, and work alongside your engineers committing to the same pipelines and troubleshooting using the same tools.

Talk to us about how we use GitOps and Open Policy Agent to implement 2-man rules that satisfy audit and governance requirements for even the strictest financial and health environments.

Technology Agnostic

We are technology agnostic (As long as it’s kubernetes) - Supporting pure upstream Kubernetes, OpenShift, Essentials PKS, EKS, GKE, AKS.

See Technology for the list of technologies we currently work with.

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