Tier 1

Tier 1 technologies are our core, all customer engagements must be based on these technologies, to ensure we do not dilute our skill-set.
In addition to participating in and contributing back to the upstream communities, we maintain CI/CD pipelines and integration environments enabling rapid reproducibility of issues, testing and hotfixes when required.

Tier 2

Technologies under the Tier 2 banner are still considered part of our core competency, they differ to Tier 1 in that flanksource does not make strategic investments and participate as much in the upstream community.

Tier 3

We actively build and support Tier 3 technologies - however we avoid placing them into the critical path without upstream or commercial support agreements. Our team often has individuals who are experts in the individual technologies, but do not have an on-call rotation to support production-grade support.


We specialize in VMware based on-premise deployments that stretch into AWS and Azure clouds.

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