About Us

flanksource is a niche consultancy focusing exclusively on Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem. We help companies navigate the CNCF landscape by evaluating and integrating technology into an infrastructure continuous delivery pipeline, tailored to each customer's particular environment and stack.

Shared Value • No Licenses or Services. We sell value, not time/IP
• No Commissions

Customer success teams are rewarded based on the success of engagements

GyShiDo • Relentless Focus
• Single Task
• Boring Consistency
• No Agenda-Less Meetings
• Follow up

Lean First • Failure is inevitable, declare it quickly and learn fast
• We focus exclusively on platforms and voluntarily exit engagements where we don’t add value
• Make decisions empirically and quickly
• Simple > Complex (KISS)
• People > Principles > Practises > Tools

Safety as a Prerequisite • Safety needs to be built-in, not an afterthought. This applies to:
o Infrastructure/Platforms
o Processes and Practices
o People (Psychological safety)
• Safety requires continuous testing to ensure the things we trust, work as expected (Trust, but verify)

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